I Couldn’t Even Start The Car.

My instructor is really understanding and didn’t charge me for the lesson. He knows about the anxiety problems as they’ve raised their ugly head in previous lessons. We’ve canceled today’s lesson. Last night I was awake until around two worrying about the driving. Completely irrational. Once I start the car I’m fine. I’m a good, confident driver. It’s just that mental block. The moment I sat in the car I froze. I reached up to adjust the rear-view mirror and my hands were violently shaking, I couldn’t breathe and almost cried in frustration. I sat with my head in my hands and my instructor asked me if I wanted to put off until next week. I explained about the appointments, the referral to a shrink and the medication I’m on and he was great. I love driving. I really enjoy it. I just couldn’t beat my brain.

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