Rebecca and the Dark Man

I post this on my old blog a year or so ago, I think I’d like to share it with you now. This is a draft of part one in a three-part tale I’m telling in verse.

The thing we need to know, the single point we must address;
the sad and awful fact was that Rebecca was depressed.
Far from simple sadness, what she had was a disease,
a sense of mortal grief would often bring her to her knees.

To her it was the Dark Man, blowing in her ear,
he’d blow away her confidence, all she had to spare was fear.
He’d wash away the colours in the flowers she could see,
leaving the world a monochrome; a wicked place to be.

He traveled with her everywhere, he never set her free,
he was perched upon her shoulders, for all the world to see.
Resisting every step she took, he drowned her in regret,
“You’re alone in the world, you’re a monster!” He’d see she’d not forget.

She’d look to the sky, seeing faces in the clouds,
expressions of contentment, feelings she was not allowed.
The Dark Man took her happiness, her laughter and her smile,
granting her no sweet respite, not even for a while.

She closed her tearful eyes and took a step toward the sea,
searching for a peace that she had never thought could be.
Her feet left the ground and she began her last descent,
the Dark Man raised his ugly head, she nodded her assent.

The Dark Man, her companion, wrapped his hands around her heart,
showing her the twisted love he’d shown her from the start.
Her body hit the water as she took her final breath,
Rebecca and the Dark Man and the rotten life she’d left.


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