Christmas Is Coming.

I hate this time of year. The air is thick with tension as everyone works their proverbial off to shower their loved ones with material possessions because the corporations say so. I’m a department head for a High Street retailer, I oversee the printing and shipping departments. I also play a major part in production. For the last week and the next four, I’ll be working 12 hour shifts, seven days a week. I have no social life, I have no significant other. I’ll be making my employer tens of thousands of pounds, driving myself to exhaustion and inevitably making myself ill for the sake of one day that has little meaning to anyone anymore.

All with a smile on my face because nobody can be unhappy at Christmas.

What do I have to do to tell people that I’m hurting? That I play the clown because otherwise I would disappear into the background? I put a lot of effort into making people feel better by clowning around or playing counselor. Will I ever meet someone who can see past it all, take me by the hand and say “You’re important.”


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