2015’s First Chapter.

First, I’ll respond to the messages I have received since my last post. I’m still here. Thank you for your concern, but I’m alive and kicking. The last few months have been interesting. Over the Christmas period I became so down and numb that my boss contacted my parents who in turn, contacted my doctor. In being so busy with work I had neglected to keep on top of my medication and now, I’m on double the dose.
The problems I’ve been having regarding access to my child seem to have calmed down significantly. It’s a lot easier now and I’ll be honest, it has taken a massive load off my shoulders. My second year with the Open University has started so I now have something to work to. I’ve also started attending training courses even slightly related to the degree. Yesterday I took a suicide awareness class and somehow managed to not end up a specimen under the scrutiny of the other attendees who were social support workers of one kind or another.
I met somebody. Or rather, plucked up the courage to contact the One That Got Away. We’ve been together for two months now. I had forgotten what it is like to be happy.

I like it.


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